• "If only life felt a little more manageable – and I wasn’t as anxious.”

    You’re in the right place. I’ve got you. Welcome to RESET YOUR ENERGY with Andrea Deierlein.

  • Your life is demanding, there's no question about it.

  • On a daily basis, you're juggling endless meetings and countless projects, and that's all before you get around to taking care of your own needs.


    Though your ambition's gotten you to where you are today, decades of putting your nose to the grindstone have taken their toll on you, physically and mentally. And as time passes, you're not sure that life should feel this way -- so hectic, so overwhelming, and as though it's all just barely hanging together by a thread.

    If only you could find someone who could help you ease the heaviness in your chest, so that:

    • You can release some of the tension in your neck, shoulders, and back

    • Your on-and-off digestive issues can stop flaring up

    • You're able to release emotional and mental blocks that keep you stuck

    • Panic attacks and breakdowns can become more manageable and less frequent

    • You’re able to stop being so dependent on western medicine to manage your symptoms

  • Because when you think about your life now compared to what you imagined it would be, you can't help but let an unpleasant thought just about sneak in...

    "Why does it all feel so uncertain?"

  • You weren't supposed to be feeling like this at this point in your life. You've worked hard to achieve everything you have -- your job, your home, your family. You've got enough in the bank to know that you're taken care of if an emergency happens.


    But even if this is true in theory, between the onslaught of work... and demands on your time... and bills that keep coming in a relentless stream, it just doesn't feel that way.


    And it's not that you can't handle all of it.


    No, when you stop and think about it for a sec, the real problem is this:

    You were never taught that the external stuff doesn't always translate directly to feeling good inside.

  • No one ever told that you need to put in the work to feel good inside.

    And you can't help but wonder whether continuing down the road you're on will lead to burnout and health issues (that is, worse health issues than the occasional stomach flare up).


    So it keeps coming back to the same thing -- you just don't feel good inside with how things are going.


    And it's about time that you started to feel the stability that your home, job, or bank account tell you you have.


    To feel relaxed. To feel at ease.


    To feel like you're in control of your life...rather than your life in control of you.

    To ease the uncertainty that's been surfacing, you've tried two solutions.
    (But neither's really worked, when you’re honest)

    Solution 1: You've tried to work it all out by yourself

    Google is great at pulling up meditation apps and self-help videos.

    But as you hop from one to the other, none of them seem to get what you need.


    In fact, all that this has gotten you is:

    • More overwhelm because of the sheer variety of options - where to even start?

    • A good guided meditation on releasing anger... but you're not sure why it was recommended for your anxiety

    • Tons of emails now cluttering your Inbox and taking up more of the space and time you’re so desperately looking for

    Here's what you've learned from going down the DIY path: You're trying to do something you just haven't been taught how to do. I mean, you're relying on meditation tips from Google. Which doesn't seem to return quiiite the right results for you.


    And it's not your fault! (Or Google's.)

    So you move on to the next option...

    Solution 2: You've visited a string of professionals

    This presented its challenges right from the beginning, where you had to decide between seeing a therapist or a masseuse or an acupuncturist.


    Why are there so many options?

    • You were able to squeeze in a massage on your lunch break (in pre-Covid times) and yeah, that made you feel better that afternoon. But the tension crept in pretty fast again

    • Same for the acupuncturist... also, you're not sure you want to be poked with needles all over again

    • You were able to stick with therapy for a few weeks, but by that point, it felt like you had just talked... and talked... and talked

    The problem for you is... these practices aren't a one-stop-solution tailored to fit you.



    RESET YOUR ENERGY (RYE) is a process for busy professionals like you to find balance so that you can take your sanity back into your own hands. All via the modern-day magic of Zoom.

    Working with the system of Reiki, we’re given tools to address inner turmoil and uncertainty. Because let's face it, uncertainty is a part of life. Within your first session of working with me, you'll get a treatment plan tailored to your life and your needs.


    Over the next three months, I'll take you through the system I've developed over the last 5 years as a Reiki Master practitioner. The components of this system have helped professionals from real estate agents to lawyers to entrepreneurs regain a sense of calm in their lives.

  • RESET YOUR ENERGY works with your body, mind and spirit all at the same time.

    Instead of running from work... to one appointment... to yet another, you have access to a one-stop-solution -- all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

    Now you can go from band-aid solutions, wondering why they don't work, to a program with curated meditations and exercises just for you. Tailored to the challenges in your life, to help you get your sanity back. To help you feel good on the inside and outside.

    Stop it with the one-off, band-aid solutions
    Get the deep reset you need

  • Choose RYE when:

    You're ready to resolve the root of the gnawing feeling in your stomach caused by constant uncertainty

    Nothing else you've tried - therapy, massage, pain killers - is working enough

    You've found one useful guided meditation...and you need ten more to help you visualize tackling all the different parts of your life

    You already know how hard it is to find the kind of support you need to ease the stress in your life. Your family and friends are busy themselves (and they see you only in a certain way). You'd have to sift through a ton of therapist listings and try out a few before you found the right one (and then who knows if they accept your insurance). And you don’t even think about talking about work stress because these days you “should be grateful to have a job,” as people keep telling you.

  • Here's why you want to work with me:

    • I see you as a PERSON, not as your title, job or zip code

    • I'm no non-sense – I used to write speeches for the German Consul General after all

    • I'll teach you simple exercises you can do outside of our sessions so that you can get results faster. You can also use these exercises to keep anxiety at bay when it wants to grip you again

    • I'm not the kind of person who supports unrealistic expectations and who'll make you sit in silence and meditate for 20 minutes (unless you want to). I believe that we can be present one breath at a time. My exercises are actually manageable

    Look, you're not meant to go through life feel like it's not in your control. You deserve to feel like you can handle anything it throws your way: whether it's surviving the pandemic, or transitioning between life phases, or feel secure about your work or relationship no matter what happens.


    And I'm here to help you find that sense of inner security.

  • If you've been looking for a way to feel in control again, you're in the right place

  • Here's what you get inside the RYE program:

    You’ll access that sense of CALM and CLARITY we all know is inside us - no matter how much stress or perceived uncertainty you’re experiencing

    We’ll identify, uncover and learn how to utilize the triggers that hijack your mind (and you’ll learn that your body is your GPS)

    You’ll walk away with easy-to-use tools for grounding, centering, and returning to yourself, so you can deal with anything life throws your way

    Through seven sessions and take-home exercises tailored to your life, you'll be able to take your healing journey into your own hands.

    Don't just take it from me, check out what my client Jeff has to say:

    “Participating in the Reset Your Energy program was without any doubt the perfect way to solidify my journey of growth and self-realization in 2020.


    I spent a lot of time this year on a mission of self-improvement, focus, and productivity. I read every book I could find, followed all the gurus, played with different variations of meditation, but it can all be overwhelming.


    I was looking to become a powerhouse of productivity and Zen-like focus but needed guidance on creating the foundation. Thrive Reiki & Andrea gave me confidence and clarity through simple-to-follow tools and techniques which I can use on a daily basis from the convenience of my own home.


    I now can proudly say I have a foundation to make my vision a reality and look back on every single day with gratitude for Andrea, her guidance, and the tools I have at my disposal to keep me grounded, centered, and focused."



    Anyone can work on their stress relief. But few choose to take the deep dive into resolving the sources of their stress and set themselves up for long-term success, like my client Ken.

    “When I came to see Andrea in May 2017, I was extremely stressed with my work and other life circumstances, and had a lot of physical manifestations, including sleeplessness and a series of injuries.


    I immediately found that I liked you very much and felt hopeful as to what your sessions could do for me. Over time I have found that you are an extremely supportive friend and healing facilitator, and I deeply appreciate your caring and the interest you show in my life.


    Reiki has become a very important practice for me, as I took the training with you, continued our regular sessions, and developed a self-practice. During this time, I have become interested in many modalities of healing as well as spiritual development. I continue to enjoy and appreciate your friendship very much and look forward to expanding our long-term work together.”



  • So why are busy professionals lining up to work with me?

    They choose to work with me because:

    I've been in their shoes and worked for 20+ years in the stressful world of communications and government relations until a chronically inflamed esophagus and serious teeth grinding forced me to make a drastic lifestyle change

    I’ve dug deep and taken my 5 years of expertise as a Reiki professional to design RYE so that you receive the benefit of a year's worth of “passive” Reiki sessions in just three months. How is this possible? It's because of those take-home exercises I've mentioned. Actively practice the tools and techniques at home and you'll progress much faster than just lying on my Reiki table for a whole year

    I don't believe in the myth of the "healer" putting her hands on you to magically cure you. Instead, I see myself as a guide who draws up customized tools meant to support you and your unique situation. Look, you're the hero of your own story – and responsible for your own life

  • The whole idea behind RYE is to give busy professionals like you tools to find sanity without having to go into someone's office

  • Here’s how it works – over seven Zoom calls, I’ll take you through the necessary steps to reset your energy:

    STEP 01

    We clarify your goals and draw up a plan for your unique needs

    STEP 02

    We find your calm – this involves a calming energy infusion along with simple breathing and meditation techniques that work for YOU

    STEP 03

    We disintegrate your stuck and clear blocks

    STEP 04

    We’ll befriend your triggers so that you can make them work to your advantage

    STEP 05

    We’ll work on grounding, centering, and owning yourself so that you feel even more connected to yourself

    STEP 06

    We’ll cultivate compassion for yourself

    And finally, in our seventh session, we’ll relaunch you after you’re energetically reset!

  • You might be thinking:
    "That sounds great. But does it work?"

    Hear from my clients themselves:

    “I have had an Incredible transformation journey with Andrea.


    I did a lot of research on this before choosing a practitioner and Thrive really sounded like it would resonate with me. I met with Andrea and we sat and talked and really understood what I was going through and talked me through the process of the energy healing and journey in a safe environment.


    Three sessions later I felt like a completely different person! Highly recommend to anyone who is feeling out of touch with their true selves and needs to be supported from the inside out and feeling like yourself again.”



    “Andrea and Thrive Reiki came into my life right on time. Over the last few years, I've been growing and becoming more energetically/emotionally conscious. Recent situations in my life have surfaced areas of improvement/healing.


    I contemplated several therapies, including regular therapy sessions -- but I wanted something deeper. Something that would not only aid me in creating mental space for things to flow, but also something that would help me to release and let go of old energy.


    Andrea is wonderful. Not only is she a master at what she does, but she also genuinely listens and cares. I appreciate her listening/understanding ear throughout my healing process. In the beginning, I wasn't sure what to expect as far as how I'd react to/benefit from Reiki, but I can confidently say that it will be a part of my wellness routine for the rest of my life.


    It's worth the investment -- you just have to commit.”



  • I created RYE so that professionals from all over the world can tap into sanity again.


    And the best part is...

    You can see if RYE's a good match for you at no cost to you.

  • So if you've been...

    ...trying to release physical pain but nothing seems to be working

    ...feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and like things have been slipping from your control

    ...wishing that you could feel sane again, if only someone could show you how

    Look no further for a solution to your problems.


    Book a call with me, and let's get acquainted, at no risk for you.

  • Seriously, you're not meant to go through life feeling so uncertain.

    You deserve to feel secure and in control of your life.


    You deserve to feel ready to handle whatever life throws your way.

    So chat with me about what's been going on for you. I'm happy to see how I can be of service.


    I look forward to meeting you and guiding you on the path back to sanity.